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Wax Crack melts are handmade with a proprietary blend of soy wax and paraffin wax that will give you a long lasting scent throw.

Scent descriptions...

Blackberry Bordeaux Cookie - butter cookies, blackberry, cassis, dark cherry, vanilla, bourbon and coffee beans.

Bloom – sweet dark orange, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, jasmine, neroli, and a hint of pineapple and berry. Then with an added drizzle of delectably sweet amber honey makes this an intoxicating walk through a citrus grove in full bloom.

Brandied Peach Bread Pudding – warm yeast bread dripping with boozy spiced peaches.

Calypso - Goddess of the Sea...a dreamy essence of waterlilies, mandarin, musk, cashmere vanilla and seaweed, driftwood, salty winds.

Cirque du Yum! – A yummy concoction of sweet & warm vanilla glazed popcorn.

Heart & Crown - Cypress, basil, cardamom, lemon, nutmeg, black pepper and cinnamon oil. Spicy floral rose and jasmine along with essential oils of lavender and clove bud, sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli and musk.

Herbs d’Artois - Seville orange, lemon leaf, lime, apple, rosemary, woody cinnamon, nutmeg, ylang ylang, rosewood, oak moss & white musk.

La Vi en Rose - Romantic blend of Bulgarian rose, Rose, Peony Flower, Mandarin, Amber, oolong tea.

Lemon Lavender Tea Cakes - Sweet little tea cakes infused with bright lemon zest and herbal lavender buds...topped with a dollop of decadent whipped sweet coconut cream and a steaming cup of tea.

Lullaby - Marzipan, Chamomile & Lavender.

Mermaid - A intoxicating blend of fresh coconut, plumeria, lotus, driftwood, ylang ylang, freesia, fresh rain, lily of the valley, night blooming jasmine.

Miriam – A blend of ripe pomegranate and herbal galbanum, anise, chamomile, rosemary, petitgrain, amber and musk.

Aegean Sea – bold and brisk oceanic mist, the fragrance opens with a salty, ozonic sea spray, moss, driftwood and sand.

Raspberry Boom Boom - white cake, cream cheese, rose, apples, rose amber and raspberry.

Saturnus - The Roman God of time... Soft amber, woody myrrh, lavender, sweet musk, rich patchouli, sandalwood with hints of citrus and vetiver.

Sweet French Herbs – Sun drenched linens, herbaceous sage, lavender, bay, black currants, bergamot

Tobacco Leaf & Caramel – Citrus spiced tobacco leaves, undertones of vetiver, whiskey and velvety rich caramel.

Velvet & Violets - A romantic blend of violets, amber and a hint of vanilla.

Instructions:Use only in approved melters designed for wax tarts. Break piece of wax crack in warmer do not overfill.


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