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Image of Acropolis

Our Ancient series is a collection of rustic, romantic artisan handmade soaps. Designs dreamed up from somewhere in my imagination.
I sculpt and pipe all my embeds by hand using either the cold or hot process method.
All contain some form of botanical along with clay's, bees wax, milks, macerated fruit with exfoliating seeds and grains.
This series is meant to evoke aesthetically... my artistic interpretation of times long past.

approximate 6.5-7.5 oz bar.

A blend of rolled Oats, Milk & Honey. With the added aroma of Bees Propolis and natural beeswax adds a unique spicy note the mix.
Acropolis bar is a combination cold & hot process soap methods, bee propolis, oats, goat milk, yogurt and Honey. Beeswax soap embeds. Its wrapped in cheesecloth and sealed with our wax seal.

ingredients: Water, Goats milk, Greek Yogurt, Bee Propolis, Beeswax. Sodium Hydroxide, Olive, Castor, Organic Sustainable Palm, Coconut and Avocado oils. Enriched with Shea and Cocoa butter. Tussah Silk, Soothing Colloidal Oatmeal, Fragrance, Sodium Lactate, whole oats and real clover honey.